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Knowing Your Enemy (LWB)

Chapter 1: Laying the Foundation

Day 2: Knowing Your Enemy

  • Deception is all around us – from advertising to teaching and everything in between. We need to understand that deception is the rule, not the exception. Then we need to understand how the deception comes at us. However, while we will be looking at 40 different lies in this study, the emphasis is not the lies, but the truth. The lies take different forms depending on the time, place, person, and culture, but the Truth never changes.
  • Through the Word of God we come to understand that, while it is not our job to rebuke the Devil, and it is not the goal to study him, there are certain things we need to know about how he operates so that we can properly guard ourselves. In John 8:44 (right after talking about Himself being the truth!) Jesus says the Devil is a liar and the father of all lies. In 2 Corinthians 4:4, he blinds us, in chapter 11, verse 14, he presents  false view of God and pretends to be of God. In Ephesians 6, he is a schemer, and in 1 Peter 5:8, he prowls like a lion on the hunt – looking for someone to kill and to consume. All of these things help us to understand the subtlety of deception; it is unlikely that we will recognize it on our own. However, when we are submitted to God, we are resisting the Devil, and when we are immersed in the truth, we are quickly able to recognize lies.

  • The solution to finding freedom from lies is not to study the lies themselves, but to study the Truth. Without a commitment to treasure God’s Word, we will fall for every lie we meet. Much as a banker must study the genuine bills to detect the counterfeit, we must be saturated in the truth if we have any hope of detecting a lie. Psalm 119 talks about the many benefits and treasures of God’s Word – many of which are directly related to freedom!
  • The only power a lie has over us is the power we give it – we want to believe it. Whether the lie has to do with being able to lose weight quickly, without diet or exercise, or whether it’s a lie that enables us to hold a grudge. Lies appeal to our sinful nature, because they minimize consequences, maximize pleasure; they minimize God and maximize us.
  • We see this progression with Eve in the garden, and we experience temptation the same way to this very day:
    • The serpent questions God’s truth by turning into an extreme.
      Part of what he said was true – most was not. The same is true today: each lie contains a small bit of truth to make it seem real.
    • The serpent questions God’s motive.
      He whispers what we want to hear… God is holding out on us. He doesn’t really care about us. We need to look out for ourselves.
    • The serpent focuses on the prohibition.
      “Here’s what you CAN’T have.” It will kill you every time. The nature of temptation is to focus on what you don’t have; meanwhile, you will completely miss what you do have, taking it entirely for granted.
    • The serpent challenges the consequences.
      He out-and-out lies at this point – directly contradicting God’s word. He maximized the good, minimized the bad. And let’s be honest -would any of us ever sin if we didn’t think we could get away with it?
  • The temptation that came to Eve comes to us all – we must be aware, on our guard, so that we can recognize it when it comes. We need to know the truth. Truths such as God is good, God loves us, God is working for our best good. That there is no small sin, and all sin has a consequence. And ultimately. by choosing to be thankful and focusing on what we DO have. In believing the truth, we can resist the temptation to believe a lie and find freedom in our lives.



Points to Remember: 

  • Deception is the rule, not the exception. 
  • A lie only has the power we choose to give it. 
  • Every lie contains a kernel of truth. 
  • We must saturate ourselves with God’s truth so that we can recognize the lies that come at us. 

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