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Will you? 

Everything God has been revealing to me lately connects back to this simple thing: eternity. 

An eternal perspective. 

Last weekend at church it was a reminder that this life is about the next. Jesus is coming soon. Be ready. Be busy. Because only what’s done for Christ will last. 

My Tozer devotional reminded me that “in our human society we are completely surrounded by three marks of the ancient curse: everything is recent, temporal, and transient! That is why the Holy Spirit whispers faithfully, reminding us of the Christ of God, eternity walking in flesh, God Almighty come to live among us and to save – actually to give us eternity!” 

The last two months of youth group we’ve been exploring the trinity. Who is God, why did he create? What the big deal about Jesus coming to earth anyway? And why do we need the Holy Spirit? It all comes back to eternity. 

Nothing makes a bit of sense without the lense of eternity. 

There is more than now. 

There is more than this week, this month, this year. 

Because God is more than now. 

Jesus is more than now. 

Therefore my life is more than now. 

“Easily understood,” you say. “I get it – I know this – it’s why Jesus came and how I know I’m going to heaven.” 

Yes, of course. 

But if eternity doesn’t affect you now, what good is it? Do you really understand it? 

If I believe God is who he said he is, that Jesus took the penalty for my sin, and that I have a relationship with him that leads me to heaven, then there must be some reflection of it now. 

What am I doing now that shows that I believe? 

Belief requires action. 

Where am I going, what am I saying, who am I reaching, and perhaps the hardest of all, what am I surrendering? 

Can I really trust an unknown future to the One who made the future? Of course! The question is never can I, but rather, will I? 

Just as the question is never can I afford to tithe? It’s will I? 

It is never can I take this person in? It’s will I? 

Not can I teach? Will I? 

It’s not can I trust God with this? It is always will I? 

Can I lead someone to Christ? Or Will I?

By faith, will I take a step, by the power of grace from the God who loves and delights in me, to do the right thing at the right time because I know it’s not about I feel right now – because I live with eternity in my heart? 

This can be done only by remembering. By choosing to remember. 

Mike Ellis: “We don’t always need to hear something new. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what we already know because it’s so easy to forget.”

Choose to remember: 

  • God is good 
  • He loves me 
  • He’s never failed and he won’t start now 
  • He promised to help me
  • He knows how this ends 
  • He works all things for my good 
  • This isn’t a surprise to Him

…and many more promises made to us in the scriptures in order to encourage us to act in faith. 

So will you? 

Will you choose to believe the truth? 

Will you choose to think beyond right now? 

Will you choose faith? 

There is more than this moment. 

There is more than this week, this month, this year. 

You say you believe it… 

Now is the time to prove it. 



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  1. Thank you for this reminder. Pastor is right, it is so very easy to forget and slip into complacency which is just another form of pride. We need to remember it’s not about what we do–it’s about who God is and what He does. We also need to remember God’s retirement plan is heaven, not a point in time while we’re on this earth. We need to be totally surrendered to God and ready to do whatever He calls us to do until He calls us home.

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