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You crave what you eat – so what’s your diet? 

Passion is a result of our love, commitment, and desire.

So what do you love? What do you desire? Where’s your commitment?

What do you talk about all the time?

What are you willing to sacrifice for?

What do you feel incomplete without?

What makes you happy?

When do your eyes light up?

For some people, it’s work. For others, it’s a hobby. Sometimes it’s family.

Sadly, it’s not often God.

We tend to delight in other things and then give the leftovers to God. We feel obligated, and that’s as far as it goes. And often, we feel guilty about that reality. But we take no steps to change it.

How do you change it? If you want your relationship with God to be your passion, His church to be something you get excited about, and His kingdom your priority, how do you do that?

I’ll tell you how not to do it: wait to feel it.

That’s our default. We justify it, saying it’s insincere if we don’t feel it, so we don’t do it.

But God didn’t base His choices on feelings. I doubt Jesus felt like dying and I  bet He didn’t feel like pouring His life into 12 people – especially the one who turned on Him. He did it because His father told Him to.

When we can choose to put God first because He calls us to, we’ll begin to want to put God first. But action comes before feeling.

When we choose to love the Church because Jesus does, we’ll soon discover a great affection and protection of her. Because action comes before feeling.

So stop waiting for feeling – change your diet to the right, good, and healthy things, and you’ll soon begin to crave them 🙂

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In a word: passionate. About Jesus, church, ministry, music, reading, family, friends, and sometimes even iced skinny soy mochas.

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