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God’s Prosperity

Here’s the thing about God’s prosperity.

It is never for self-indulgence.

If God were to prosper us for self-indulgence, it would go against everything in scripture. It would go against what it means to be a Christian, what it means to be obedient, what it means to love.

God’s prosperity is ALWAYS three things —

    It doesn’t have to do with circumstances. It has to do with the heart. It’s about peace, it’s about hope. It’s inside, not outside of me. Even when circumstances are dreadful, I can have hope, joy, and peace.
    It’s for the advancement of His Kingdom. Always, every time. He prospers us so that we can advance His Kingdom, reaching the lost and broken with the hope of Heaven. Could it be that the reason I’m suffering is because I’m not seeking first His Kingdom, but instead, MY kingdom?

    When God prospers you, it always overflows to those around you, even those who don’t know Him! Because God doesn’t just prosper us a little. He causes us not only to filled, but to overflow. Those around us experience the goodness of God. Have you experienced that? Are there people who you love to spend time with because there’s something about them and their relationship with God that inspires you and encourages you? When you’re with them you experience God. You’re experiencing the overflow. This can happen at church — so many of God’s people all together for His glory — the lost come and are amazed. They notice that things in their lives start improving… why? Because they’re getting the overflow. God is there, God is blessing the people around them, and they get the overflow. If they leave, they lose it, and they wonder why. Because it was the overflow. 

Let’s not settle for the world’s version of prosperity, which leaves us empty and wanting more. Which is for our own pleasure, based on circumstances, to build ourselves up, always grasping for more.

Let us surrender to God’s prosperity.

Let Him grant us peace, hope, and joy that’s internal and based on Him, not our circumstances. Let’s use the things He blesses us with for His Kingdom — not just giving because it makes us feel good, but giving until it hurts. And let us rejoice in the satisfaction and fullness we find in Him so that He can overflow us and we can impact and encourage all those around us.



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