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The Kindness of Our God

It’s in the song the birds sing.

It’s in the beauty of the setting sun.

It’s in the cool breeze on a humid day.

It’s in the sweet fragrance of flowers in bloom.

It’s the text from a friend.

It’s seeing the children leaving Sunday school with laughter and smiles.

It’s in the music that’s filled with truth, encouragement, hope.

It’s the scripture that comes to mind when you need it most.

It’s the answered prayer.

It’s the beauty of the family of God.

Have you noticed?

It’s the simple things.

It’s the things we take for granted.

Take the time to nice the kindness of our God.





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In a word: passionate. About Jesus, church, ministry, music, reading, family, friends, and sometimes even iced skinny soy mochas.

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