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Our problems usually have less to do with our circumstances than the way we choose to feel about them.

Hope is a choice. It might have feelings that accompany it, but hope is not a feeling. It’s more. It’s certain. It’s a decision that allows us to be steady and sure. It anchors us to something greater than ourselves and has great influenced over how you feel when things get difficult.

When you are confronted with a circumstance that challenges you, you have two choices. You can say to your soul, Soul, you might as well get depressed, fall into despair, and lose heart. Or you can say to your soul, Soul, you might as well have hope, believe in something good happening, and place your expectations in the goodness of God.

That’s what the psalmist did.

He reminded his soul that the help of God’s presence was a guarantee. And that left him with no reason to lose hope.

-Jennifer Rothschild



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