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You don’t have to be your family tree.

Last night my family and I, and a few friends, went to a concert to see Lindsay McCaul, Royal Tailor, Matthew West, and, drumroll please, Casting Crowns. It was awesome. I’ll probably be blogging about it several times in the near future. Here’s the first installment.

If you’re at all familiar with Matthew West and his music, you probably know that his latest album, The Story of Your Life, is full of songs inspired by people’s own life stories. I have this CD, but haven’t listened to it more than once or twice, and unfortunately, I don’t even know where it is right now. Which is unlike me. But I digress.

Since I love Matthew West’s music, I knew I’d love him in concert, and it was a great experience. What stood out most to me was this one song called Family Tree. He introduced it by reading the story that inspired it, about a woman who realized that she didn’t have to follow in her father’s footsteps, didn’t have to be her family legacy.

The cool thing is that just that morning, I was reading in Zechariah chapter 1, where Zechariah is encouraging people to change the course of their family legacy and refuse to be like their fathers and ancestors who rejected God and failed to obey Him. Told them they could be different. If they chose.

It also reminded me of my own family. My cousin is struggling with his life. He’s unhappy and frustrated, and following in his own father’s footsteps of constant trouble. A few days ago I had talked to him about this very thing — you don’t have to be your dad. You can be completely different, if you really want it. You may not be able to choose your family, your history, your “supposed to be.” But you can choose your future.

My own father’s “legacy” (and my uncle’s) was that the majority of his aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so on, had died young, mostly do to alcohol and “hard living.” But as a young man, my dad knew he didn’t want to be like that – he didn’t want to be his family tree. So he chose to follow God whole-heartedly. He changed the course of his destiny and now look – just one generation later and the Ellis family looks completely different. And I have a family legacy that I’m proud of.

What awesome hope that we don’t have to be our family tree.

We can be different.

But not because of us; because of Jesus.

Jesus can break the chains of our past.

Of our family.

Of our history.

Jesus can set us free.

He can change our lives.

Will you let Him?

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