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The Rapture

Please excuse me for beating a dead horse, jumping on the bandwagon, or however else this might come across.

As I’m sure you have heard or read or seen, Harold Camping and his followers have been predicting that the rapture (when God calls his children home) will take place today. They have passed out literature, painted it on their cars, put it on billboards. They have been very proactive about it (although perhaps more in advertising it than witnessing to the lost).

I don’t know a whole lot about what has taken place, what they believe, etc, but I couldn’t help but notice that the closer May 21 came, the more I heard about it – from Christians. Of course, they were all mocking, making fun, and “Jesus Juking” the whole thing (If you don’t know what a Jesus Juke is, visit and click “Stuff Christians Like”).

Now, I’m right with everyone who has posted verses and stood their ground that we neither know the day or the hour when Christ will return. You’re right. Amen.

What I’m not sure about is when I see Christians say stuff like, “Thanks for ruining the chances of it being today.” Or maybe posting funny stuff about their plans for the end of the world as they know it. Or what about, my personal favorite, saying something to the effect of: “Wonder what Harold Cramp’s gonna do at 12:01am on Sunday? *Crap, I wonder if those billboards are refundable.*”

Sure, those might be humorous. Sure, they might be harmless (to some extent). But most of what Christians are posting about these thing looks exactly like what all the lost people are posting.

On my “Trending Topics” page on my Twitter, every single one of the 10 TTs has something to do with this rapture prediction. Every. Single. One. What are they saying? Jokes. Every. Single. One.

Of course no one knows the day. Of course they will look stupid if He doesn’t come today. But did you ever consider the possibility that God isn’t hindered by human predictions? “Of course,” you’re thinking, “that’s why I know He won’t come today!” But I’m talking about what if He does come today?

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating predicting the return of the King. I just don’t like to see Christians taking this opportunity to goof off and make fun of people about such a serious matter. Especially since, in actuality, we are doing the same thing by predicting that Jesus *cannot* return today.

10 of 10 of my trending topics are about this issue. I live in an area with over 1 million people, and they all have one thing on the brain: rapture. What an opportunity! Why don’t Christians take this time when everyone’s thinking about it to make it a big deal in the good way – Jesus IS coming back. It might be today. It might not. But it is going to happen. Will you be left behind?

Don’t make fun of the rapture.

You have a tool to get people’s attention right now.

Go make disciples.

Matthew 22:1-14


If Jesus takes me home today, amen! Praise God. My work here is done.

If Jesus does not take me home today, amen! Praise God. I still have work to do.




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  1. Thank you! Thank you for giving those of us calling ourselves Christians pause to consider our actions. Thank you for reminding us that others are watching what we do and hearing what we say. How does God feel about our individual response to the rapture prediction?

    • I have a feeling that if we used this opportunity to lead others to Christ, He might get more glory than if we just mock and make fun. What if we took EVERY opportunity God gave us to evangelize? Wow. What a world we’d live in.

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