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Today I’m Going To Be Happy

A friend on Facebook posted something her little two year old daughter said this morning: “Today I’m going to be a good friend.” How sweet is that?

To a child, everything is so black and white, so simple, and clean cut. But why can’t it be that way for adults, too?

Sometimes I wish I still had the mindset of a little child.  Adults, we complicate everything – and I do mean everything. When was the last time you woke up and thought, “today I’m going to be a good friend?” Instead, we let the little things that happen throughout the day determine what kind of friend we’re going to be.

We may not wake up thinking, “Today I’m going to be irritable and snap and pick at my friends,” but that’s what we do because we don’t make up our mind ahead of time to be a good friend. So when God brings things into the day to grow us, test us, and speak to us, we aren’t prepared for how to respond so we respond wrongly. And the wrong response affects everyone around us, not just us.

Think back… remember that day you locked your keys in the car, were late to a meeting, spilled coffee on your shirt, and couldn’t find your cell phone? How did you respond?

What would happen if, instead, we start the day by deciding that we’re going to put God first; we’re going to be happy; we’re going to keep a good attitude; we’re going to treat others well.

Besides those around you being happier, think about the benefits to you: You’ll be happier. You’ll be focused on the things that are true, right and noble (Phil 4:8). Your relationships will be better. God will be able to use you.

Don’t you think God will be glorified in that?

Especially on those days when everything seems to go wrong but you stay happy?

What are you going to be today?

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6 thoughts on “Today I’m Going To Be Happy Leave a comment

  1. This is so true!…and i have to say, this post goes perfectly with the video. I love her! She performed that song at winterjam and i’ve had it in my head ever since!


  2. Thanks, Brittany 🙂 I’ve been hearing about the song for a while but finally sat down and listened to it today; so glad I did. It fit in perfectly 😉

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