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Social Network


You go online and type in and log-in.

You see that you have over 20 notifications and get a little excited.

You click to see what they are and your heart stops.

God just commented on every single thing you’ve posted or done in the last week.

– – – –

I admit, this scenario is not likely to play out in your life. But imagine if it did.

Would you have posted the same statuses and liked the same pages if you knew God was one of your “friends?”

Would God, when he looked at your Facebook or Twitter or MySpace, say “This is my child, whom I love; and with whom I am well pleased?”

Would He laugh that you liked “Here’s your knife back, I finally got it out of my back. I’m sure you’ll be needing it again soon?”

Would He be quick to check His horoscope using the link  on your wall?

Would He be impressed with your advice?

Would He think your pictures were “cute?”

Would He admire how you’re helping “spread awareness” by posting inuendos as your status?

Would He want to help you in “Mafia Wars?”

The fact is, God can see your Facebook. And if you claim to be His child, I would imagine He would be very interested to see how you are representing Him. The question that remains is will God place His approval on your Facebook? on you? on the way you are living your life?

Will God, when he looks at your Facebook, say “This is my child, whom I love; and with whom I am well pleased?”

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In a word: passionate. About Jesus, church, ministry, music, reading, family, friends, and sometimes even iced skinny soy mochas.

2 thoughts on “Social Network Leave a comment

  1. AMEN! I think about that every time I make a comment or post..
    We have the most awesome tool of testimony– Facebook.. Everyone is
    watching.. Are you who you claim to be? What is a Christian? Aren’t
    we supposed to be (in) the world but not (of) the world- which translates to me as.. Walking, speaking, conducting life in a way that
    stands out from the crowd.. and living with pleasing Jesus always
    on our thoughts- thus deeds..
    I commend your post! and agree!

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